About Us

Ladrogang is punkrock concert crew based in Praha/Czech Republic. History goes far a way back to 1993. Beginings took place at Ladronka squat in Prague, and at DIY punk & hardcore shows in Brno.

Things got together and more tight in ‘97, after “Brno section” joinned crew of people at Ladronka. We were bunch of punkrockers putting on bands we liked at the squat where we lived. Back in late 90’s we had bands like Subhumans, Ratos de Porao, Varukers, Citizen Fish, La Fraction, Post Regiment and lot more coming through the door of our place.

Things got changed in November 2000, squat Ladronka got evicted, shut down by police. We just couldnt stop working with punk bands, just because all what we have done back than became to strongest part of our lives, and Ladrogang crew kept roling the world of punk rock in Prague.

Over past 20 years we were proud to serve bands like Agnostic Front, U.S. Bombs, GBH, Varukers, Murphys Law, Business, Nekromantix, Mad Sin, The Briefs, Vibrators, Turbo AC’s, Real McKenzies, Epoxies, The Bones, The Hunns, MDC, Adicts, Peter Pan Speedrock, Casualties, Buzzcocks, Poison Idea, Sick on the Bus, Turbonegro, Chaos UK, Bad Manners, One Way System, Supersuckers, Demented Are Go.. oh so many awesome bads.. and we still keep rolling!